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“Why do you photograph weddings?” I’ve been asked this question several times in personal conversations and I think it’s time that I address the question publicly.

In light of recent coverage of photographers declining same-sex couples I want to give a very real answer for why I do what it is that I do.

In October of 2012, my brother and sister-in-law were married in Boston, Massachusetts. Printed on the back of their wedding program was this: “We are proud to be married in a state that upholds universal marriage rights. We are aware that as recently as 1967, anti-miscegenation laws would have prevented our marriage in many states, and we look forward to a day when restrictions on gay marriage will be a similar relic of our national history.” Who would even think to deny photographing an interracial marriage in today’s society?

This issue isn’t just that of which photographers will not capture same-sex unions. It’s an issue of which photographers are contributing to what I see as an outmoded and basic violation of human rights. Marriage (and gay-marriage– although we hope that one day this word will be one and the same), means to me that you’ve chosen to announce your relationship as a lifelong partnership, regardless of gender.

I photograph because I love details, light, the way people look when they’re laughing with their loved ones, and the feeling I get when I capture something very intimate to my clients. I photograph weddings because I wholeheartedly believe in love, in personal vows, in coming before a group of your favorite people and saying, “this is our relationship, please help us support it,” and the choice for any persons to do just that.

To me, love is love. I’m committed to full marriage equality for same-sex couples. And as a wedding photographer, I’ll keep working to help couples express their love, publicly, with friends and family, and before the law.

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