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Uae Israel Agreement

“The enthusiasm of our people for this peace agreement is enormous. It`s real, it`s broad, it`s deep, and it reflects the potential that`s being realized today,” Netanyahu said. A significant momentum for a deal began when Israel did not begin annexing the West Bank on July 1, as Netanyahu had suggested. According to reports, the Emiratis took the opportunity to promise full normalization of relations if annexation was removed from the table. It was a subtext of a commentary published in June by the Emirati ambassador to the United States in Israel`s largest daily newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth. The administration of Donald J.M. Trump sympathized with Israel`s strong desire to expand the country`s formal diplomatic relations with arab nations in the Persian Gulf and use signals from the Emirates, and oversaw the three-way diplomacy that led to the Abraham Agreement. Despite Israel`s clear promise to end the annexation, the Palestinian leadership rejected the deal and recalled its ambassador from Abu Dhabi. From the perspective of the Palestinians and their supporters, the deal reflects the bad faith of Israel, the Uae and the United States, with israelis and the EMIRATES already normalized relations before the Abraham Agreement. The News International reported that Pakistan will take a position on the agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates after consultation and after considering the pros and cons of developments abroad and abroad.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi avoided speaking on this sensitive issue. [85] Israel may finally find that the greatest utility of this agreement is the result of its own concession: Prime Minister Netanyahu`s agreement to stop the annexation. The plan to annex parts of the West Bank was ill-conceived and would likely have entailed unnecessary economic, political and security costs at a time when Israel is facing a coronavirus crisis, the resulting economic devastation, and Iranian nuclear and conventional threats. Annexation would have been at best an unnecessary distraction and, at worst, the cause of a major reaction, or even an armed conflict. For the UAE, the deal is actually a generous donation to Trump`s election campaign, while giving Abu Dhabi increased access to weapons and intelligence. A simple glimpse of the Israeli media will show how security-related companies are most excited about this deal. The Parties recognise the importance of providing direct scheduled flights between Israel and the United Arab Emirates for passengers and cargo as an essential means of developing and promoting their relations. They recognize the rights, privileges and obligations provided for in the multilateral air services agreements to which they are parties, their annexes and all amendments applicable to both parties, in particular the 1944 Convention on International Civil Aviation, which was launched for signature in Chicago on 7 December 1944. and the International Air Services Transit Agreement of 1944. Accordingly, the Parties shall conclude as soon as possible all necessary agreements and arrangements in the field of civil aviation and shall therefore endeavour to establish an international air corridor between their two States, in accordance with international law. They shall conclude and implement the necessary visa and consular agreements and arrangements to facilitate the travel of citizens of both States.

A4: Contrary to some comments, these agreements are more important for the Arab world than for Israel….