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Twitter Developer Agreement

In total, you cannot distribute more than 1,500,000 Tweet IDENTIFIANTs to an entity (including several people linked to a single entity) within 30 days, unless you have received written permission from Twitter. In addition, all developers can provide up to 50,000 tweets and/or objects from public users to anyone who uses their service daily if it is done in an unautomated manner (for example. B download of spreadsheets or PDFs). The new API is based on a modern api and is easier to use, with features such as the ability to specify returned fields or retrieve other tweets from entertainment in the same response. It also contains in-demand features that are missing in v1.1 arrival points, such as conversation, poll results, current tweet commentary and much more. Today, the Twitter v2 API contains several endings and features to make it easier to listen to and analyze public entertainment We have a lot planned for the new API, including features to interact with people on Twitter and new access levels and new product leads to facilitate developer growth when their needs grow. To learn more about the planned topic, see the guide to the future of the Twitter API. 1. Top program. After informing the Twitter company that Twitter has qualified the company as an “official twitter partner,” the partner will be a member of the “Official Partner Twitter” program, as described in (the “TOP program”) and will have access to the TOP badges and all other related brands that Twitter makes available under the TOP program (with the “Badges”) whose use is subject to this Agreement. You should contact us via your access to the Twitter API if you expect your service to exceed 10 million daily mailings.

If you exceed this threshold, additional conditions may apply. Other restrictions on the use of Periscope developers are: 10. Representations and guarantees. The company assures and guarantees that: (i) it can end with any legal and entrepreneurial power necessary to conclude this agreement; (ii) has taken all necessary steps to make this agreement a legal, valid and binding obligation; (iii) does not have an agreement or agreement with third parties that jeopardize or jeopardize the performance of its obligations under this agreement; (iv) to obtain and maintain all authorizations, consents, authorizations, authorizations and licenses necessary to carry out its obligations and to grant all rights and licences granted under this agreement, including, but not limited to, all rights it requires to grant Twitter a license to use the company`s material to broadcast advertisements on any advertising inventory accessible or accessible to the Twitter service, or any other service; (v) the company`s service and equipment do not violate, abuse the rights of third parties or infringe other rights; and vi) its activities and performance under this agreement, including the provision of the company`s service, are and will comply with all applicable foreign, federal, governmental and local government and government laws and regulations.